About A.K. Amherst

Born and raised in Austria, I travelled the world from a young age. This influenced my writing, which relates to history and cultures of foreign countries. Intensive research is part of my job, and I really love this job. You want to be taken into another setting and experience life from a different angle? Then I am the writer for you.


As a business graduate, I never really fitted into the number-driven accountant-stereotype. Despite all these boring business lectures, my creative spirit was not broken. In the end I managed to find my spot within the vast world of business: in marketing. My job has given me the opportunity to work with a bunch of creative people and learn a lot from them.

Besides writing and traveling, I like to try new hobbies. I have been to archery classes, African drum classes, and Hot Yoga classes. For me, staying curious is essential for inspiration.

As broad as my interests are my portfolio includes short stories, travel blog articles, and my first book, Belfast Central.

I will release my book ‘Belfast Central’ independent of any publisher. In order to create a book of high quality I worked together with professionals only – editors, graphic designers, printer and distributors.


The decision to publish independently was an easy one. Considering how much work I put into writing Belfast Central I couldn't trust anyone but myself with its publishing. I needed to make sure it was done the best way possible.

Along the way, I came across the welcoming community of independent authors who contributed by valuable advice and support. Unfortunately, independent authors are still underrated. But I can feel this changing slowly. We are here to stay and determined to create the best of stories for our readers.


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