What to expect


You love suspense? So do I. Whether I write a book or a short story, there are always some thrills and unexpected twists.

Contemporary History

My books contain historic topics of recent history.
I put a lot of time in the necessary research to guarantee authenticity and a thrilling setting for the book.

No Cliché Characters

There are enough stories about cops, private eyes and secret agents out there, right?
That’s why my book characters have more down-to-earth professions. They are people like you and me, until…

Launch of first book Belfast Central

Short Stories

Running SushiA message on your Sushi plate leaves no doubt - a person close by is watching you ...
100 words crimeHe was still breathing when we got him out of the trunk and threw him into the river ...
Beloved PaulPaul sits with us at the dining table, goes to bed with the kid each night, he even has his own toothbrush ...

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