Press release

Belfast Central out now

10th of April, 2018

From the 10th of April 2018, the thriller Belfast Central will be available in bookstores. The book is set during the Troubles, which were officially ended by the Good Friday Agreement signed on the same date, twenty years earlier.

The book Belfast Central centres around the pacifistic paramedic Ryan, whose world is shaken up after getting shot on duty at the Belfast Central Station. While he tries to make sense of what happened, he turns to someone who many of his family and friends consider an enemy. The rifts and the chaos that follow are severe and permanent. It is a story about building bridges and finding your way in a world that is far from pretty.

The story marks the first book publication for author A.K. Amherst, who already has published several short stories in the past. Amherst grew up in Austria and travelled the world from a young age. This also influenced her writing, which relates to history and cultures of different countries.

Amherst first got involved with the topic ‘the Troubles’ in school and did extensive research before writing Belfast Central. Originally written in German, Amherst knew the book needed to be translated to English to reach her readers fully. Therefore, she decided to take a risky approach: to publish the book in German and English parallel, on an anniversary date very significant to the story she has to tell.

Belfast Central is available in print and e-book format. An extract of the book, as well as the book trailer, can be found on the author’s website: