6th of April 2018: Author Interview by LINDA’S BOOK BAG

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The first interview about Belfast Central was done by book blogger Linda (of Linda’s Book Bag). We chatted about the newly released thriller and important research learnings. What a delightful talk! Thanks for having me Linda!
Interview excerpt:
Linda: What else have you brought along and why?
A.K. Amherst: I brought a Belfast Bap – the best regional food I ever ate. The bun is a speciality of Belfast and it goes with everything – eggs, bacon, sausage … simply delicious.
Linda: Ooo. I hope you’re not expecting me to share that. I could do that justice very easily right away!
A.K. Amherst: You know with all the research I did about Belfast beforehand I really didn’t expect to come across something I never heard of before. But there I was, on my first day in Belfast, stepping off the train and stumbling across this local speciality at the market.
Read full interview:
Staying in with A.K. Amherst

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